Meet Cody

Hey everyone, my name is Cody! I started Till Christ Returns with the help of some friends way back in 2015 or so, with the goal to just share the gospel through social media. There came a point where we all got kind of busy, and just decided we didn't have time to run this page. I would post on it every once in awhile, but never consistently.
Eventually, I kind of developed a love for expressing myself through clothing. I noticed that if presented the opportunity, I'd spend a long time talking about where we got the clothes, what we liked about the brand, what we didn't like, etc. This led me to thinking... What if I made this about Christ?
In today's culture, clothing doesn't always spark conversation. If you're wearing a shirt that simply says "Jesus Freak", it may spark a conversation with another Christian, but there's like a 1% chance that a non-believer even comments on the shirt. But what if there were clothing that fit the current culture, but led to a deep conversation about Christ? As soon as I had this series of thoughts, I completely revamped Till Christ Returns, and set the next destination to just that.